PBC Parks and Recreation ‘Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz’ 2022 Begins Sept. 1

Image description: On the right, bee on flower with text overlay reading "Parks for Pollinators 2022 BioBlitz #ParksforPollinators #pbcparks". PBC Parks and Recreation logo on the left.
PBC Parks and Recreation Parks for Pollinator 2022 BioBlitz

The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department (PBC Parks) needs your help to participate in the national Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz campaign. Organized by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, this event is aimed at raising public awareness about the importance of pollinators and the role parks play in advancing pollinator health and native habitat.

Pollinators are a vital component of our ecosystem, and an essential link to the world’s food supply. According to the White House’s Pollinators Health Task Force, during the last 30 years, the United States has seen a steady decline of pollinators (such as bees, bats and butterflies) at an alarming rate of 30 percent annually — making it vital to take action on pollinator protection.

Throughout the month of September, PBC Parks is encouraging individuals to explore the nature and wildlife in Palm Beach County and find as many species as possible to create a snapshot of the county’s biodiversity.

To participate, join the Parks for Pollinators 2022: Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation project via the iNaturalist app or website and submit observations of various plant and animal pollinators found in parks, natural areas, backyards, and other locations throughout the county.

Visit PBC Nature Centers and engage in a variety of fun and educational challenges to see how many pollinator species can be documented. Children may also participate by completing the Nature Adventure Journal activities and earn sticker badges at the end of the sections.

Share your BioBlitz activity results by sending photos and stories via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter​ @PBCParks or by email to pbcparks@pbcgov.org.

To download the iNaturalist app, go to the app store on your smartphone or visit the project website at https://bit.ly/3QM72GW. For a detailed list of nature center activities, visit www.pbcnature.com.

Learn more about Parks for Pollinators at www.nrpa.org/parks4pollinators.

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