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After School kids help plant garden at West Jupiter Recreation Center

Since February, kids in West Jupiter Recreation Center’s after school program have helped revive and maintain a garden filled with tomatoes, herbs, onions, peppers, strawberries, and more delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables!

The project was made possible using grant funds from the Walmart Foundation and National Recreation and Park Association. It teaches principles of the Florida Department of Health’s “5-2-1-0 Let’s Go!” initiative, which includes five or more fruits and vegetables a day, and one of more hour of physical activity.

West Jupiter Recreation Center is operated by the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. We operate more than 80 regional, district, community, beach, and neighborhood parks, spanning several thousand acres. Our mission is to make the quality of life for Palm Beach County residents and visitors better by providing diverse, safe and affordable recreation services, welcoming parks, and enriching social and cultural experiences. This is achieved by promoting wellness, fostering environmental stewardship, contributing economic value, and by improving our community every day for this and future generations.

For more about the garden project, watch this video.