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Volunteer Spotlight: Todd Greenstein

Todd Greenstein has been a volunteer for 6 years at Daggerwing Nature Center. Todd is an office assistant and his volunteer duties include data entry & management, administrative tasks, troubleshooting tech as needed for nature center staff and pretty much everything that is behind the scenes of the nature center. Todd is a tremendous assistant for Daggerwing Nature Center staff. He is detail oriented, tech savvy, dedicated, reliable and educated.

The biggest personal benefit he’s received as a volunteer with our department? “Working with wonderful staff. Getting to use my knowledge to help south Florida nature.” Todd has been volunteering his whole life. He spent 10 years volunteering for the Red Cross. His role was to make sure the St. Louis Fire Department and disaster action team got the correct address where fires were. He has also volunteered with AmeriCorps, the Citizen Emergency Response Team, St. Louis Science Center and the Citizens Police Academy. He is also a founding member of the St. Louis Aviation Museum.