Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Wolf

Kathy Wolf is a volunteer coach at West Boynton Recreation Center and has been a head coach in the Junior Volleyball League for the past 3 years. Kathy loves working with kids and is very passionate about teaching the youngest kids who are new to playing volleyball. Kathy enjoys bringing the kids up a level, building the team comradery and encourages the new players to stick with the sport. She spends time coaching the fundamental skills, so that the players excel and grow a love for the game.

Kathy’s passion for coaching has made a huge impact on the kids and the Junior Volleyball League at West Boynton Recreation Center. Kathy gets the parents involved by buying them kazoos or clappers to ensure the parents are engaged and cheering for their kids during the game. Multiple players have returned to the league because of Kathy and the positive experience she provides to all the players. Parents are always complimenting Kathy on how great she is with the kids. Kathy is so dedicated to impacting the lives of kids that she took on an assistant basketball coach position in the off-season of volleyball because she didn’t want to take a break from coaching.

Kathy likes to stay active and is very friendly. When she is not volunteering, she works for American Express as a technical writer and is certified in wildlife rehabilitation for raccoons. She enjoyed swimming in high school and ballet dancing. We are so grateful to have Kathy Wolf on the PBC Parks team!

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