Volunteer Spotlight: Robert Ullom

Robert Ullom, Volunteer

Robert Ullom has been an animal care volunteer at Okeeheelee Nature Center (ONC) for the past four years. He assists with the nature center’s normal operating procedures by taking care of both the indoor and outdoor education animals. This includes all types of animal husbandry, such as feeding and enclosure maintenance. However, Robert goes above and beyond by providing animal enrichment for all of the education animals. This helps the animal’s wellbeing by stimulating their senses, improving their overall nutrition and enhancing their physical health. Robert also serves as an environmental education docent and helps with the programs by sharing his own expertise on reptiles and native Florida vegetation to our visitors. Currently, Robert is a mentor for our teen volunteers by helping them with their annual research projects that are required for the Okee-Teen program.

Robert’s passion and dedication to environmental education and animal enrichment has greatly improved Okeeheelee Nature Center’s programs. He is a wealth of knowledge and has the biggest heart for conservation and wildlife. He is kind, knowledgeable, dependable, motivated, creative and always wanting to teach and learn. He has made a positive impact on not only our animals, but on the other volunteers and staff. These are just a few qualities that make Robert a wonderful addition to ONC!

The biggest personal benefit Robert receives as a volunteer at Okeeheelee Nature Center is “The community – we are a team and we all bring different strengths to the table”. Robert enjoys helping the younger volunteers and seeing their budding passion for animals and environmental conservation. “If I can help spark the betterment of wildlife in their life, then that is my purpose”.

Robert visited Okeeheelee Nature Center for many years as a boy scout and is currently a member of the South Florida Herpetological Society which is dedicated to promoting the conservation and understanding of reptiles and amphibians. When Robert is not volunteering, he is at Palm Beach State College where he is a horticultural technician and takes care and maintains the nursery onsite.

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