DuBois Pioneer Home Virtual Tour Fireside Chat: Ruth Nelms Merchant

The DuBois Pioneer Home Virtual Tour – Fireside Chat series brings you short stories from relatives and friends of the DuBois family. In this episode, Ruth Nelms Merchant, the granddaughter of Harry and Susan DuBois shares her story about how her parents met.

Volunteer Spotlight: Todd Greenstein

Todd Greenstein has been a volunteer for 6 years at Daggerwing Nature Center. Todd is an office assistant and his volunteer duties include data entry & management, administrative tasks, troubleshooting tech as needed for nature center staff and pretty much everything that is behind the scenes of the nature center. Todd is a tremendous assistant for Daggerwing Nature Center staff. He is detail oriented, tech savvy, dedicated, reliable and educated.

The biggest personal benefit he’s received as a volunteer with our department? “Working with wonderful staff. Getting to use my knowledge to help south Florida nature.” Todd has been volunteering his whole life. He spent 10 years volunteering for the Red Cross. His role was to make sure the St. Louis Fire Department and disaster action team got the correct address where fires were. He has also volunteered with AmeriCorps, the Citizen Emergency Response Team, St. Louis Science Center and the Citizens Police Academy. He is also a founding member of the St. Louis Aviation Museum.

DuBois Pioneer Home Virtual Tour Fireside Chat: John Alden DuBois

The DuBois Pioneer Home Virtual Tour – Fireside Chat series brings you short stories from relatives and friends of the DuBois family. In this episode, John Alden DuBois, the grandson of Harry and Susan DuBois, shares a story about how his grandfather came to Palm Beach County, built the home, and settled in Jupiter in the late 19th century.

PBC Parks Participates in ‘Parks for Pollinators Bioblitz’

The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department (PBC Parks) participated in the national Parks for Pollinators campaign, which was aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of pollinators and positioning parks as national leaders in advancing pollinator health. Organized by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, the Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz event was held during the month of September.

PBC Parks created a project – named Parks for Pollinators 2020: Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation – in the iNaturalist app, which was shared with NRPA and added to the national campaign. Participants used the iNaturalist app and website to record and identify observations of various plant and animal pollinators found in parks, natural areas, backyards, and other locations throughout the county.

The PBC Parks project recorded about 1,000 observations, more than 370 species, more than 100 identifiers, and nearly 150 observers on the iNaturalist app.

“Participating in the NRPA Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz was a really fun way to engage our community to support pollinators and to draw attention to the importance of our park system’s wildlife habitat,” said Jennifer Cirillo, PBC Parks’ Assistant Director.

Parks play a key role in protecting and preserving pollinators and their habitats, and BioBlitz events are designed to create a literal snapshot of plants, insects and animals to see what wildlife is present in local parks. The activity not only let participants safely explore their local parks and learn more about the species through the iNaturalist mobile app, the information gathered also provided specific data on the species located in the parks — which can help park and recreation professionals manage those spaces for biological diversity and build ecological resilience. 

In addition to featuring the project and link on the PBC Parks website, additional BioBlitz activities were included, in order to provide the community with more ways to understand the importance of pollinators and their impact on the environment.

The PBC Parks project can be found here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/parks-for-pollinators-2020-palm-beach-county-parks-and-recreation

DuBois Pioneer Home Virtual Tour: Episode 5

In this six-part series, DuBois Pioneer Home docents present virtual tours about the historic home, located inside DuBois Park and operated by PBC Parks. Each episode briefly covers a different topic; in Episode Five, docent Dorothy Cunningham talks about the layout of the home as it was originally built, as well as how construction has changed the home throughout the years.