#pbcParks Promotes Good Health and Wellness

Active lifestyles are key to a healthy mind and body, but many people don’t get out and moving as much as they should. The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department is committed to offering a variety of opportunities to help you and your loved ones find balance and stay healthy.

The Office of Public Engagement created this Public Service Announcement to show the multitude of ways PBC Parks contributes to the physical wellbeing of Palm Beach County. The video includes original artwork and animation created by intern Carlos Duenas, Jr. with a voice over by Public Relations Specialist Bibi Baksh.

We make the quality of life for Palm Beach County residents and visitors better by providing diverse, safe and affordable recreation services, welcoming parks, and enriching social and cultural experiences. We achieve this by promoting wellness, fostering environmental stewardship, contributing economic value, and by improving our community every day for this and future generations.

For more opportunities for healthy, happy living, visit pbcParks.com.